walmart-jobs-applicationIn the current economy, many people are looking to get part time jobs in the big box stores like Walmart. The thing is, you almost never hear about what exactly Walmart jobs entail. Most people know that they have to do with retail, but what jobs are there in Walmart exactly?

Whether you’re looking to fill your time and make some extra money, or you are in dire need of a job, it’s good to know what kind of jobs you are potentially getting when you apply to work at Walmart. Below, we outline the six main types of jobs you can get at a place like Walmart.


When you think of Walmart jobs, you probably think of the greeter, who is pretty much a staple of big box stores.

The greeter, usually an elderly person, has the job of welcoming people into the store – hence the name. However, they have more important functions than basic customer service. They also keep and eye out for shoplifters, and may even ask to see your receipt on the way out the doors.

If you’re young and able-bodied, you probably won’t get a job as a greeter. These positions are usually reserved for the elderly and/or handicapped. But they serve an important function for the store.


After the greeter, the next person you probably interact with the most is the cashier. Every store needs a cashier, and Walmart is no different.

A cashier job is good for people who are great with numbers and can do some customer service. They check out items and are in charge of the money exchange. They are also the first people to work the cash flow in the store.

Depending on the size of the place, there may be a line between cashiers and baggers, although many people perform both functions regularly. A bagger is the person who puts your items into bags for you, and may help you out to your car.


You may or may not see the stocker while you’re shopping in a Walmart. If you do, you may not register that they are even there. That’s because the stocker has the quiet job of making sure everything on the shelves stays in stock. They take out the items from the back room and add them to the shelf. Or they may go up and down the aisles and make note of what the store is almost out of.

The stocker doesn’t always interact with customers, but they may. If you’ve asked someone where an item was, you probably spoke to a stocker.

Customer Service

These are the people who work the layaway, returns, directories, and even certain departments such as electronics, photo, ammunition, and even craft corners. Customer service people must be good with talking to the public. They are happy, friendly, and helpful individuals.

Not anyone can just work in customer service. In fact, the aforementioned jobs really aren’t for everyone. They also aren’t all the jobs there are in Walmart, although they’re the ones you see. So how about the ones you don’t see?


The store can’t function without the people running it. While managers and other administrative personnel may occasionally interact with customers, they are often in the back office crunching numbers, fixing schedules, processing paychecks, and dealing with internal issues.

Managers are in charge of employees and making sure they get their work gets done. They may also be in charge of paychecks, although that usually falls to a store accountant of some sort. Other managers will deal with the higher ups at corporate and are in charge of implementing changes throughout the store.

While it takes time to work up to these positions, they are great for people with leadership skills and a drive to succeed.

Merchandise Processors

These people go under, many job titles, depending on the store and what exactly they do. But in Walmart their main job is to receive new merchandise and sort it for the stockers to put on the shelves. (In some stores, processors and stockers may be the same people.)

This can be a physically demanding job, as it requires lots of heavy lifting. But it’s great for independently minded people who prefer to keep to themselves.

Misc. Jobs

There are many other types of Walmart jobs that have not been covered so far. Most of them deal with the restaurants and other services delivered in store, such as fast food, health care, pharmacy, and even beauty services. You may have to apply to a separate corporation to get these jobs.

If you are looking for a job, then try! If you choose Walmart, keep in mind that there are many types of jobs that you could possibly get depending on your personality and skill set.